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EZLand is a competitive, innovative, ground breaking platform, for managing your online advertising.

The system provides fast and friendly tools, for setting up a professional landing page, all by yourself, managing leads and building a loyalty program, in a very short time, at affordable rates, all under the same roof.

Build a strong impression landing page – and push your business forward

EZLand Landing Page System is equipped with a unique and rich variety of landing page designs, which are most effective in advertising your business. Each landing page leaves a strong impression on the visitors, and drives them into immediate action.

You can upload the products pictures, illustrative videos, add coupons and links to social networks, manage the sites content and lower the companys costs. 

Landing page designs that will keep your clients up close!

EZLand is a new unique internet platform, for managing online advertising and collecting information for establishing a business loyalty program. The system provides advanced tools for managing both new and existing customers, document landing page statistics and get customers call-back reminders. The system announces every new lead originating in the landing page, by sending a text message to your cell phone and allows you to update and stay updated online, anywhere, anytime.

  • 109 new clients this week
  • 401,007 leads through landing pages
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