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Question about promoting pages

The link to your landing page is the equivalent of the link to your home page.  You can place it anywhere that might attract new customers.  You can set up an AdWords campaign and redirect to the landing page, insert it in indexes and even print the pages URL on your business card.  Search engines also identify the URL so for the long-term your landing page can also be promoted in an organic search.

It is possible, and even recommended, to promote a link to your landing page in a sponsored ad on Google, Facebook, indexes, forums, blogs and social networks.  If youd prefer to have a professional build a PPC campaign for you that is especially adapted to your landing page, contact our customer service and we will be happy to help.

Read more about the pay-per-click advertising services that we offer.  

Yes.  A sponsored ad (PPC / Adwords) will expose the landing page to visitors within 15 minutes. 

If you would like to receive details about setting up a sponsored campaign on Google that we can manage for you, leave your details on the quick contact form on the right. 

If you link your landing page to a PPC (paid keyword ad) campaign, every user that is exposed to the campaign can see your page.  They will also be able to see your landing page by means of a link that you will put on social networks, forums, indexes and blogs.

A landing site is similar to a website in that it also has to be maintained.  The basic rules are: proper design, text that sells and follow-up with leads. By combining the landing page with a PPC campaign, statistical analysis and lead management, theres no doubt that the landing page will do the job for you.

You can read about the range of additional services that we offer at this link

You can upload your landing page to a dedicated new domain that doesnt contain a website (a "virgin" domain). Or, you can add it to your sub-domain that is linked to your company/business domain.

You can set up as many landing pages as your business needs (a page for each product and/or service that you wish to market over the Internet).  The number of landing pages depends on your needs and the package you select.  

Yes. A sponsored ad on Facebook will expose your landing page quickly to users.

If youd like to receive details about setting up a sponsored campaign on Facebook which we can manage for you, leave your details on the quick contact form on the right. 

Questions about EZLand landing pages with a click

Every landing page in the EZLand system has its own personal management system where all leads for potential customers who are interested in your product are accrued. You can receive notifications of new leads by Email, in the management system and by SMS messages directly to your cell phone where ever you are (at an extra cost).  

You have full control over the content on the page. Not only can you change the text freely, but you also have the option to set the headings in the page’s contact form and to add or remove fields in the form. 

Sure. You can upload your business logo as a .jpg.  Alternatively you could use a slogan instead of your logo.  It is up to you.

EZLands landing page system is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for marketing small, medium (and large) companies on the Internet.  Today, a significant amount of businesses are exposed on the Internet via social networks, therefore we have added the option of linking to 40 social networks(!!) via landing pages.  All you have to do is click on the Social Networks button in the landing page design template. Note that your business must have a membership card for specific social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, in order to link them to your landing page.

Smart Auto Answer, which is also known as AutoResponder - is an automatic response that is sent to a user who has filled out their details on your landing page. In order to give your visitors a personal experience, it is customary to integrate confirmation of receipt of their details in the AutoResponder, along with a Thank You and other relevant information.

The AutoResponder either shows up on the visitors screen as soon as they have sent the form or as a separate message they receive by Email.

Absolutely, and its a good idea to tailor text especially for your business and the product that you are marketing over this landing page in order to get the most out of your relationship with the potential customer and to increase your chances of closing the deal.

The systems customer management database is as valuable as gold.  It collects all the leads that the landing page generates for you, it is equivalent to a database - which is a very important tool for building up a dialogue with customers.  By means of the customer management database you can know exactly who has searched for you and when they contacted you, what they requested and what page they arrived from.

  1. This is maximum transparency of the results brought to you by your landing page.
  2. If you have not had the chance to contact a new customer, you can be sure that they have not accidentally been deleted from the database.

You must enter a video sharing site like YouTube, Flix, or others. Choose a URL, select the size of the video from the existing options, copy the embed code and paste to the management button to add video content to the landing page.
You can also manage and add a video album to the landing page.  

EZLands advanced system allows you to control the contract forms fields:

to incorporate a call-to-action in the form headings, which you can change as you wish and also to define which fields will appear in the form. This is the place to mention that filling out details is designed to serve a very defined purpose. 

This option allows you to follow up with the customer at the time and on the day that is convenient for him.  If they are not free and they agree to hear from you in a few hours or the next day; simply mark a reminder in your customer management system, to keep your marketing efforts efficient.

The purpose of the Tx button is to clear all the edited and designed text and re-edit it. This is done after the text is highlighted by pressing the Tx button. This function also helps when pasting content from external files in order to remove external code at the landing page text editing stage. Text that appears in clean code helps to promote your content in search engines.

Questions about marketing content for your landing page

Yes, as we are aware of the impact that marketing writing on the landing page has on the visitors’ decisions. We also offer paid content services.

To receive a quote for content for your landing page, please leave your details in the form on the right.

Internet marketing is done by using quality content that persuades potential customers to contact you.  Moreover, a professional content writer will identify your strengths and know how to communicate them so that they will influence the visitor and convince him that yours is the right product or service for him.

Since in many cases the business knows how to sell the product but not how to formulate a sales-marketing text, it is recommended to work with a professional content writer in order to see results.

A landing page is an effective, professional, and highly targeted page. Therefore the recommended length is 8-12 lines of captivating messages. This differs from marketing content for SEO (search engine optimized articles), where it is customary to write content that is between 300-400 words in length. 

  1. Having the visitor focus on one product prevents confusion which might cause him to leave the page before he leaves his details for you to follow-up with him.
  2. A high quality score (QA) for a sponsored word ad on Google.  A single landing page that is characterized by marketing a single product will achieve a high score in the PPC campaign in the search engine.
  3. A landing page should be brief and decisive.  It doesnt have enough room to provide information about more than one product (registration for studies, a workshop, a special sale, an electrical product, high speed internet, a birthday party entertainer, etc.).
  • Signing up for an organizations customer club 
  • Registration for conferences and events
  • Wedding RSVPs
  • Deals on products
  • Signing up for launches
  • Registration for open days at educational institutions
  • Pages dedicated to professionals: lawyer, glazier, accountant, etc.

Questions about conversion tracking and landing pages

Yes.  You can test conversions on our landing pages by placing different types of conversion codes. 
The Facebook and Google conversion codes can be placed in our landing page management system.


In the landing page editor on the menu on the right --> landing page options --> connect to the Google interface --> click on it and a window will open where you will need to paste the conversion codes taken from your Google Adwords account.


In the landing page editor on the menu on the right --> landing page options --> connect to the Facebook interface --> click on it and a window will open where will need to paste the conversion codes taken from your Facebook account.

In the landing page editor you will find a button called Google Adwords, clicking on it will open a window where you will post your Google Analytics code (UA-XXXXXXX). This code can be obtained after setting up and opening an account in Google Analytics. 

When building a landing page it is very important to make a maximum match between a word ad directing to the landing page and the landing page itself. If the ad describes a unique product or service it is important that the landing page matches the same product that is described in the ad.

When building your landing page for proper optimization it is very important that the content be relevant and reliable and that it is very easy to navigate the page.