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In an era where any business is being propelled forward through web marketing, and competing for every client is getting tougher, it is important to know and make use of especially smart and seductive marketing tools, to improve sales. These are online tools that motivate prospective clients to action, which increases the chances of a sale, a purchase or a visitor making contact.

The landing page concept

A landing page is an individual web page, which either exists on its own rights with a privet domain name or as a part of a landing pages cluster, being stored in a larger portal. The visitors usually reach the landing page through clicking on a PPC ad or a banner.

The landing page's advantages for small and medium businesses

  1. A focused sale – a landing page is extremely focused on one promoted product or service. The more focused the text is, the easier it is to direct the visitors exactly towards this product and keep them from being distracted.
  2. A short set up process – a landing page set up takes very little time and can be done within a few hours.
  3. High AdWords campaign score – a landing page that is 'product-oriented' and includes relevant material, significantly improves the connection to the Google AdWords campaign's ad and lowers the cost-per-clicks.
  4. Advanced modules – a landing page should contain everything that is good for your business: a video illustrating the product; links to social networks; SMS notification with every lead and so on.
  5.  A profitable cost – the cost of setting up one or more landing pages for different products (using EZLand system) is low, economic and very profitable for small businesses interested in low cost exposure.

A landing page as motivation for action

A landing page adds a huge marketing strength to the business, due to its short and practical approach. Unlike a content loaded website, which dulls the visitors buying urge, a landing page delivers a clear and powerful marketing message that’s in its bottom line, asks the visitor to make immediate contact with no delays, which indeed happens. Visitors looking for a certain product or service (a workshop, a lawyer, a tour, a hotel, a bookkeeper or any other product sold by the business), reaches your landing page through clicking on a PPC ad. They are impressed with the marketing message presented to them through a convincing copywriting, a seductive design and a call-to-action and execute a purchase or make contact without further delays.