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Which landing pages are most effective for you?
A landing page's purpose is to present the visitor with information focused on the product or service your company is promoting. A landing page helps improve the conversion rate of the current number of sales, to your aspired number of sales. This increased conversion rate can be achieved through any of the following goals: (1) increased number of price quotes requests; (2) increased volume of phone calls interested in the product; (3) increased number of visitors joining your Newsletter mailing list; (4) increased number of visitors downloading a discount coupon. A landing page is meant to apply each one of those goals.

An advertising landing page
An advertising landing pages (one being exposed to through PPC ads), must be correctly designed and include the right keywords so that the users will find your PPC ad, when performing searches in search engines like Google, Live Search and other such web sites. The right use of keywords, which matches the ones being used by your potential clients in searches, will expose your PPC ad to those looking for you, thus increasing success rates. It is important to statistically follow up the keywords, so you would know exactly where the visitors came from, what keyword did they use and whether the PPC ad got the result you aimed for, like signing up for a Newsletter, requesting a price quote, entering details for additional information and so on.

A landing page for a purchase purpose
A landing page can act as a catalyst for a product purchase, so that when a client interested in buying a product, performs a search for pre-sale details and reaches a page containing marketing information and persuasive pictures, it will enhance the purchase potential. The special content presentation and of course the personal details form, will motivate the visitors to take action towards purchasing the product they were looking for. As mentioned earlier, the visitors reached your page because they are interested in the product you are promoting. Give them relevant information and create the perfect opportunity for them to fill out a contact form and receive further information.

A landing page or a minisite (a landing site)
Clarification: a landing page is an individual page focused on a product or a service. A minisite is a "landing site" composed of several pages all focused on the same issue. The landing page and minisite's goals are the same – to present the potential client with undistracted focused information that will push them towards a purchase (as opposed to a site that holds elaborated information on different products). A minisite emphasizes marketing information, the company's profile, its services and the product's pictures. A minisite can in time, advance in the organic search results. In order to be exposed in the organic results, one must consider optimization when building a minisite and correctly design it in favor of advancing in the search engines results. An individual landing page is easily exposed through a PPC ad or an index link. In both cases the goals are the same: to give the visitors a good reason to fill out a contact form, so you can get back to them and advance transactions.