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Every business aspires to cut back on marketing budgets and increase conversion rates of prospective clients into actual new clients.

One of the best ways to service existing clients and land new ones is by managing incoming leads and keeping contact with prospective clients. However, many businesses take the "fire extinguish" approach, in which they don’t always attend to a client's lead. Here is also the place to mention that sometimes businesses ignore leads that don’t appear to represent "lucrative clients" and refrain from giving them the deserved attention, when in fact these just might be the ones connected to key elements relevant to your field. Keeping contact with visitors approaching you through a focused landing page significantly increases the chances of them becoming your clients.

3 ways to increase your clients number through managing incoming leads:

  1. Immediate response to a client's lead – in our day and age, where communication is instant and messages are being transferred directly through many channels like Emails, Social Networks (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) and instant messages programs such as Messenger and ICQ, it is crucial to respond to a client's lead, as soon as possible.
  2. Schedule your follow-up to a time most convenient to the client – sometimes clients are preoccupied when you reach them (say in a meeting or a phone call). Reschedule the conversation to another time, at the client's convenience, and set a reminder for that scheduled talk.
  3. Keep in touch with prospective clients – after sending out a price quote or additional details of the product or service (maybe a course or a workshop details), contact the client and gently find out, how you can move forward.

How can you manage incoming leads using EZLand system?

  1. Saving all leads generated in the landing page – EZLand system automatically saves all leads generated through the "Make Contact" form. A lead could never be accidently deleted, so you can always open up the "clients" menu, in the landing page management system and observe your clients' leads.
  2. Displaying full client's details – EZLand system displays full client's details including name, phone number, Email address and lead's original date.
  3. Rescheduling a new date for contacting the client – in the same menu, it is possible (and recommended) to schedule the next contacting date, be it a more convenient time for the client, or a follow-up on a sent out price quote.
  4. Manually adding clients approaching via telephone – Clients, who approached you telephonically, can be manually added to the clients' pool, so that all leads would be organized under the same list.
  5. Clients' leads classification – clients listed in the clients' pool can be classified as regular clients or VIP's.
  6. Defining the client's status – each client can be defined as an existing client, a potential client or a client in progress.
  7. Edit the list according to your needs – the clients' list can be sorted according to names, leads, or dates of contact.

Have no time to track your clients' leads? EZLand System will sort out all the leads for you, and announce every new lead straight to your cell phone, by SMS. This service requires an additional fee once the trial period is over.

In order to fully realize your landing page's potential, you must save you clients' leads and track them. It is worth a few minutes every day, to keep well organized lists of clients and incoming leads. This way you can keep up a true dialogue with your clients, send them newsletters and lead them to sign up for the purchase of the product or service you are promoting.