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A landing page marketing content provides the visitors with focused information about the product or service you are promoting and leads them to action. The action can be signing up for a Newsletter, requesting further information, or entering personal contact details in order to receive a price quote or a service offer.

The text, which connects the design, the pictures and the contact form together, must be accurately phrased, in order to achieve the goal and keep the visitor from deserting the landing page without filling out a contact form. Sounds simple? Not always, but definitely possible.

Is there a recipe for correct landing page writing?

Landing pages differ from one another, but there are similar guidelines to all of them. In each landing page, you must strive to apply the following goals:

  • Get your visitor's attention – landing page writing must get the visitors' attention as quick as possible, or they will leave the page within 3-8 seconds.
  • Create an interest in the product – the most important thing is to lead the visitor to take an interest in the product or service.
  • Emphasize the visitor's need – make a connection between the product you are selling and the visitor's need for a product or service, while emphasizing the visitor's need.
  • Motivation to action – direct the desired action towards filling out a contact form or making a purchase. For example: "Fill in the contact form and our representatives will get back to you with an amazing offer!"

7 thumb rules to consider, when composing landing page marketing content:

  1. Titles – draw up a clear title describing the product.
  2. Messages – compose a series of short persuasive messages describing the product's advantages.
  3. Consistency – your messages must be consistent throughout the page, to avoid confusing the visitor.
  4. Relevancy – keep the page relevant. If the landing page is permanently on the air, be sure to update promotions and benefit dates. Nothing scares away visitors faster than an outdated information.
  5. Focus – the clients reached your page because they are interested in your product. Avoid writing general content, focus on the sale.
  6. Benefits – mention the product's benefits for the clients (what's in it for them?).
  7. Call-to-Action – motivate the clients to action and lead them towards the target (filling out a contact form).