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The goal of every landing page, designed to market a product, a service or an expert, is to increase the number of customers. A landing page is not a general page, rather a focused page, intended on making prospective clients realize they have found exactly what they were looking for.

So how do we do that? How do we build a landing page that "captures" new clients?

Work under the assumption that a client who chose to enter your landing page (over your competitors' page), has already made a long way and is interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Know the 8 seconds rule – Did you know that the most popular button on the internet is the "back" button? If within a few seconds (3-8 sec) you fail to "deliver the goods", the visitor will press the "back" button and leave your landing page. You must capture their attention, within that short time frame, in order to keep them interested.
  2. Get the visitor's attention – The visitors' attention can be captured through a title addressing their exact need for a product or a service; a headline that answers their question; an image that clearly illustrates the product in hand and a creative textual material that will present a question to the visitors, to which they would want to answer positively. For example: "Looking for a maternity gift? Sign in and receive a benefit coupon when ordering a maternity package!"
  3. Backup the content with solid information – integrate researches data, demonstrating the product's advantages over its competitors, which will make the visitor want to have it or use it. Add in data that is relevant to the product's sale. Make prospective clients understand, that by not signing in for further details, they might miss out on a perfect product for them.
  4. Motivating the clients to action (like signing in) is the most important phase. Your goal is to get the visitors to enter their personal details, through a simple and quick action. To get back to the former example: our working assumption is that the client, who performed a search for "maternity", using the search engine, has an actual need for it, while you have the perfect solution. Motivate the visitors to action! Make them want to enter their details, so they will not leave as they came. Examples for successful calls to action: "Sign in and receive an offer!"; "Send out your details, and we'll get back to you with further information"; "Number of seats limited – sign up now!", and so on

Complying with these recommendations will significantly improve your landing page.