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Setting up a loyalty program is the most effective way to increase your clients' pool.

Have you asked yourself what is the difference between a business and a successful business?

Research has shown that it is much more profitable to maintain an existing client, than to get a new one.

Any business owner will confirm that the most important goal of a business is to increase its number of clients.

Getting a new client means additional marketing, advertising and human resources costs, where as preserving an existing client, can be much easier and cheaper to achieve, using a web system.

A low cost way for keeping in touch with the clients

The internet is the easiest and cheapest medium, for maintaining existing clients, conducting a continuous dialogue with them and tracking their consistent growth. A client signing in for a loyalty program expects to receive an additional value, which can manifest itself as added information, bonuses, discounts, first promotion announcements and mainly a preferred treatment.

The relationship with the clients listed at your loyalty program, can be maintained through Newsletters (direct mailing), Emails, Blogs, Text Messages (SMS), running a facebook group page or a twitter account and so on.

For increasing the number of clients joining the loyalty program – A Landing Page is worth gold

The main challenge is to convince visitors interested in your product or service, to join the loyalty program. However, it's relatively easy to do, when you set up a designated landing page, aimed at increasing the number of new clients joining in.

The page would contain a short list of messages explaining the visitors what they might miss out on, by not joining the loyalty program (birthday gifts, holidays or end of season discounts, info guides they might be interested in or any other benefit relevant to your line of business).

When 92% of the web surfers perform a Google search every day and a decisive percentage of all purchase decisions start with a web search; it is particularly beneficial to sign in new members to your loyalty program, through a focused web landing page.

There are 2 big advantages to opening up a landing page through EZLand System:

  1. The friendly and automatic landing pages system of EZLand, enables you to set up a landing page, that will solicit signing up for your loyalty program, all by yourself, in a very short time and with full technical support.
  2. Each landing page has a loyalty program management tool included in its price, which holds several advantages:   
    • Each new client is listed by his name, phone number, Email and date of sign up.
    • A reminder can be set, for contacting the client at a specific date.
    • You'll receive a message to your Email, announcing each new client.
    • If your business is marketing a number of products or services, the clients will be classified according to the product or service of interest.
    • The system provides you with an Auto-Responder, a tool that enhances the client's trust in you.
    • The system includes a friendly and simple Newsletter feature, which can be sent to all your clients or just some of them.

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