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There are 2 main goals in setting up a landing page

  1. Attracting potential clients that are interested in the product or service marketed by your business.
  2. Motivating those clients to action, so they would fill out a contact form and a sale could be promoted.

How does a client reach your landing page?

In most cases a new client will reach your landing page through web advertising:

  • Advertising Banners
  • A PPC ad (such as an AdWords campaign)
  • A professional index – when your ad is popping on an index or a search engine search results, related to your advertised field of expertise.

Why do you even need a landing page?

A high standard landing page enables an important qualitative and quantitative data collection, regarding your clients. Unlike web sites content that can be extended and elaborated, a landing page constitutes a summary of the product's information and is presented in the most focused way, in order to maximize its affect on the viewer.

A correct building of a landing page, through the right use of contents, an appropriate design and the correct exposure of the marketed message, will significantly increase the landing page's success rates. 

The effects of landing page exposure on its success

Landing page exposure is influenced by a number of factors:

  1. The PPC ad's placement – the position of the PPC ad, through which the client is exposed to the offered product or service.
  2. The link referring to the landing page – the position of the link, which when clicked – refers visitors to the landing page and the contact form.
  3. A correlation between the PPC ad exposure time and the time of the clients' searches – in web advertising there is a great importance, in matching your potential client's web surf hours to the time of your sponsored PPC ad or banner's exposure. For instance, make sure your ad does not set to run during work hours, if your potential clients only have time to search the web at nights.