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Copywriting a winning landing page
Marketing writing is a key factor in setting up a winning site or landing page. Marketing writing determines whether the visitor stays on the page, or presses the "back" button and move on to the competitors' page. As opposed to website content pages that are elaborated and go into every small detail, landing page writing has a much more summarized, precise and clear nature. 

Is there a secret formula for landing page marketing writing?
There certainly are some golden rules for composing a sharpened landing page. Unlike a date between two people, with a landing page there is usually only one shot to make a positive first impression, and if the "goods" are not served to the visitors on a golden platter, they will turn to look for it elsewhere, at the competitors' sites.

Landing page equation is comprised of a "short and targeted marketing content" + "a call-to-action".

A long text, in this case, will overshoot the target, because whatever catches the visitors' eyes in the first few seconds watching the screen, should make them want to buy, or at least make immediate contact to advance the purchase process.

Did you know? 75% of all purchase, both on the web and in real stores, starts with a web information search.

Use copywriting that helps prospective clients reach a decision. Visitors reach landing pages through a PPC ad, Banner or index. Therefore it's clear that your landing page's visitor chose to get there out of the abundance of information on the web and is obviously interested in information leading to a purchase. Your landing page visitors are already "at the door", they might even have their credit card drawn and waiting on the table. Let them in! It is most important to help them take the next step and ease their decision to leave their contact details with you. Respect your clients and remember: their time is precious, so don't waste it and focus on the task.

Landing Page Marketing Writing Tips

  • Incorporate an exact, summarized and targeted marketing content.
  • Address your target audience at eye level and in the style appropriate for them (young, students, retirees).
  • Draw up powerful marketing messages that will burn into their consciousness.
  • Describe the product or service in questions accurately.
  • Motivate them for action.