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Landing Page Design

A landing page is a designed web page that provides your business with a focused marketing tool of a product or service. The landing page is usually reached through clicking on a sponsored AdWord ad.

Now, you can also save a fortune, by designing your own landing page in a professional manner within a short time, without the help of a designer or programmer (no previous designing background is needed).

EZLand system, provides you with a landing page set up tool box, which guides you through it, step-by-step.

With 1-click you can:

  1. Choose a design template that fits your product's marketing
  2. Add and edit headlines and content.
  3. Add pictures
  4. Change background color
  5. Change font sizes

The result is a professional graphic designed landing page, which contains the company's logo, a single photo or a photo gallery, a link to a video clip demonstrating the product or service features and of course a link to around 40 social networks like facebook and twitter.

You are welcome to contact EZLand support team, at any stage, for guidance. We will be there for you every step of the way for as long as it takes.

For ordering a personalized design, please fill out the form on the right.

A personalized landing page design must include:

  • A series of short non- tedious messages
  • Appealing headlines
  • A call to action that will motivate the visitor to make contact

A Designing Tip:

It is important to match words on the landing page with those on the Google sponsored AdWords ad. (Click here for more information on landing page optimization).

Written by: Shiri Hirsh, Write4u – marketing writing services for landing pages and SEO.