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Landing Page Optimization

Optimized landing page (focused internet page) can do wonders for conversion rates by converting an otherwise deserting visitor, into an active visitor and potential customer, filling out contact forms and requesting additional business information.

An optimized Landing Page accomplishes several results:

  1. Cost reduction – optimizing a landing page for Google AdWords - a sponsored PPC ad,dialogue is established  will create immediate link between page content and the keywords, thus reducing the cost of each click. 
  2. Increased income – The better the correlation between the ad and the landing page content – the easier it is to persuade the visitor to leave contact details on the page, or make a direct contact.
  3. Establishing productive dialogue – Each visitor go through a path while visiting your page. Planning a correct and short path for the visitor, will shorten the road to action. A dialogue is established once a visitor left contact details on your page. Attentive and alert response on your part, will maintain a long-lasting dialogue.

How to optimize a landing page?

  • Unified marketing headlines – Be sure to match your homepage headlines with the sponsored AdWords ad.
  • A/B Testing – set up two landing pages for the same product, one containing extended text and the other one summarized text, locate the action button in the upper part in one page, and in the lower part at the second page, add different pictures to each page and so on…
  • Use a Website Optimizer – A Google tool that allows measuring success rates for each change made to the landing page.

Internet data is an exact science, which provides accurate landing page statistics, at any given moment. Whether you are web experienced, or just getting familiar with it – remember that everything is measurable and can be changed.

A Optimization Tip:
Follow up your new landing page after a short test-run using Google Analytics (Statistics for none statisticians) and improve it accordingly until you get the optimal results that will significantly improve your CRO and increase the number of leads.

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